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The Power of Purpose

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Throughout my life, I found myself asking the same question over and over again: Who am I? What is my purpose? What was I made to do? How can I be significant?

What Your Creator was Thinking

Our names carry meaning of our destiny. As a dear mentor of mine, Angela D. Henderson always says: our names and birthdates give us an idea of what God was thinking when he made us

In 2010, I met my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

It was my first wedding day.

I entered into something new when I met him- I said yes to a covenant.

I said yes to allowing him to lead me, trusting that he knew what was best in my life and my purpose.

From then on, I pressed in. I learned. I become really honest with my faults and shortcomings in front of God at the throne of grace. I forgave and began to trust people in who could truly raise me in who I was meant to be in the kingdom of God.

And you know what? As I sought after the King of Kings, I met myself: Malana Renee Smith. The Malana whom was originally intended to fulfill this life and calling of every single dream in my heart originating from my creator and now Father.

When I became free, I became me.

For example, my first name, Malana, means "buoyant" or "lightweight" like a ship that floats on the water. My middle name, Renee, means "reborn". My last name is derived from the "blacksmith" trade where artisans take metal and mold it though fire and hammering to make tools of purpose, of beauty, and war.

I grew up in much hardship and I became a completely new person when I came to the Lord. I then walked through the refining fire for years as the Lord molded me, purified me, and developed me into the woman I am today- a woman of purpose, beauty, and a warrior in the spirit.

My name was a prophetic word for my life that, no matter what I encountered, I will "rise above" like a buoyant ship and become "reborn" as a new creation to be molded in Christ for his purposes! Isn't that amazing?!

**You can discover your name meaning by googling your name and origin and asking the Lord to show you how your name meaning applies to your life story and purpose.

God's Purpose

God hid the good works I would do later in my life in my name.

How cool is that?!

He has a plan for your life and has hidden nuggets throughout your life (like your name meaning) to show you what your purpose is. When you know who you are in Christ and what he planned as your purpose, you move in greater power and authority.

Friends-- invite him to show you what he was thinking about you when he made you. This is the time of history where we need you IN POSITION in your CALLING in wholeness so we as the body of Christ can be his expression on this earth.

Let's activate the power within your purpose!

xoxo Malana

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