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Positioning Yourself For God's Promises

It’s wasn’t supposed to take this long.

I knew I heard what I heard & that I know that I know that I know what my life is supposed to look like- but here I am, looking at my life & it’s not what I planned.

It’s not what I expected.

It’s not what I wanted or thought I would be doing by this age and stage of my life.

I’ve had promises spoken over me.

I had dreams & prophesies delivered to me.

But here I look at my life and it’s less than ideal.

Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with me?

I feeling like I’m drowning in the unknown of life. I want to DO something for you, God! I want to make an impact, I want to make a difference!

I look to the heaven and ask, “why?”

In my seeking, I only receive your peace instead of your promise fulfilled.


Oh how I wish your peace felt like enough. Why is it taking so long? Maybe it's never going to happen.

Friend- does this sound familiar? Are you in a place where what you see in your life doesn't match up with the promises God has given you?

I've had many of these thoughts over my short 27 years of life. Almost a decade ago, I sat on the floor of my bedroom praying and pleading for God to use me... For God to help me live this he had shown me in my prayer time with him. At that time, he had shown me my potential future with my now husband, dreams of a family life, children, education, and purpose.

But all I held in my hands at that time was pain and confusion.

Often, he will show us the vision as he prepares us for the promise through the process.

Many times, this process is a season of waiting.

This season is also known as the season of "faith".

🌱Jesus spent 30 years in waiting before his ministry began.
🌱Joseph became a slave, then receiving favor, only to be thrown in prison for over a decade before his promises were fulfilled.
🌱Abraham and Sarah birthed Isaac at the age of 100, 25 years after God promised him a son at 75 years old.

It wasn’t in the timing they thought their promised would come.

It didn’t happen the way they thought it would.

But God honored his word and their faith.

When I gave my life to Christ, I gained a hope for my future and began a daily personal relationship with Jesus. As I spent more time with the Lord, read his word, and began praying his biblical promises over my life, the enemy of God (satan) known as the accuser, the thief, the killer, and destroyer of lives knew he needed to attack me with fear and doubt.

To do that, satan needed to convince me of three things:

1) That "my truth" of what I saw in the physical realm or what I felt in my emotions superseded what the Word of God promised 2) That I couldn't trust God's character (aka he is good, faithful) 3) That I was disqualified by my own imperfections instead of qualified to receive by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that I receive by faith!

He knows if he can convince us of these three things it will get us out of alignment with our purpose and into doubt and unbelief.

To counter the plans of the enemy, the Lord sent me through training season after training season of prolonged waiting and learning to say "yes" to his promptings without knowing all of the answers to teach me to fight and receive my promises by faith. I had to learn in the mist of the battle how to use my spiritual shield of faith and my sword of the Spirit (the Word of God - The Truth in the Bible and his spoken words to me by the Holy Spirit) against the enemies schemes.

The enemy likes to target our true identity (children of God and Christ's co-heirs and kings and priests on this earth) because he knows if he can get us to question our identity, he can get us out of position and we become powerless against his attacks.

Once you entertain these thoughts, they begin to exalt themselves above the word of God which therefore KILLS YOUR FAITH! This gets you OUT OF POSITION to receive your promise.

Here are three simple ways to combat the enemy as you position yourself for promise

1. Write down and declare out loud all of the promises God has spoken over your life, your marriage, and your family's life (Man shall not live on bread alone but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Matthew 4:4).
2. Read the Word daily, especially the gospels and epistles as they will strengthen your faith (faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God Romans 10:17).
3. Get in his presence in worship and prayer. Shift your focus from what you see on earth to what is true in the heavenly realms (set your sights on things above Colossians 3:2)

As you do these three things, you will come back into the Spirit of Truth and what he has said about your life and enable you to receive his promises in his perfect timing!

It’s about HIS timing & our faith that he will cause the growth. He will finish what He started. There ARE good works prepared for you beforehand.

My friend, know his promises for ouy are "yes" and "amen"!


Have faith.
Be available.
Thank him.

Watch what he does as you make yourself available as you abide in him! For this is our ultimate purpose.


Malana Bracht
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